COMP 599 Structural Graph Theory - Winter 2013

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Time & Place:
Tuesday and Thursday 14:30-16:00, McConnell Engineering 320

Bruce Reed . MC301,

Prerequisite: An undergraduate course on graph theory, eg MATH 350.

Advances in computing power permit the study of huge networks. Much of the current research in graph theory focuses on how to handle such networks. We focus on three recent theoretical breakthroughs: The proof of the Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture, The Graph Minors Project, and Szemeredi's Regularity Lemma.The bulk of the course will be devoted to the Graph Minors Project. The text for this part of the course will be a monograph written by the instructor.


The course mark will be 25% assignments, 75% take home exam,


Two Chapters of a book

Paper for January 17 lecture

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