Java Applet

This applet allows for the calculation of the decision boundary given a three dimensional feature vector. Specifically, by stipulating the variables such as the priors, and the conditional likelihoods of each feature with respect to each class, the changing decision boundary will be displayed.

View the applet here

How to use the Applet

Use the scroll bars to input the values of P and Q where they are the probabilities of X=1 given class 1 or class 2 respectively. Furthermore, the Pw1 and Pw2 are the respected priors. once complete, press the compute button and the decision plane will be displayed given that it exists and is not infinity.

Interested in a 3D Boundary?

Get the MatLab code used in the example to create a boundary decision plane in Three Dimensional Space:


Get the Source

As an attempt to assist students of the future, our java source code is being made available here

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