Flipping Edged in Triangulations

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What can the Applet do?

When you begin using the applet each time you create a new vertex the incremental delaunay triangulation of the old vertices plus the vertex is created.  At any point in time you can mark the "Voronoi" box to see the Voronoi diagram created from the vertices.  When the "Flip Edges" button is pressed you can clip on the edge or vertices of an edge to flip the edge. 

How do I delete a vertex of the triangulation?

While you are in the "create graph" mode press alt key and click on the vertex to be deleted. 

What is the purpose of the voronoi diagram?

The voronoi diagram of the given point demonstrates that the initial triangulation of the points is the delaunay triangulation.  This can be seen by looking at the triangulation in comparison to the voronoi diagram; the voronoi diagram of the points is the dual graph of the delaunay triangulation.


Last Updated December 2, 2003 
By Christina Boucher