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1.     Chi-Yuan Lo, J. Matousek and W. Steiger.  Algorithms for Ham-Sandwich Cuts.  Discrete and Computational Geometry v.11, p433-452, 1994.
  • The algorithm explained in on this site is based on the algorithm in this paper.  The paper goes into a lot more detail (if your interested) and covers the topics of ham Sandwich cuts in higher dimensions, but it is a fairly dense paper. 
  • I pulled the some of the code for the applet from this website, its a really good site for Duality.
  • This is a really good site with lots of information.  I'm not sure how much longer this site will be active, since Jiri Matousek is creating a new book with all this information.  But if you are lucky and it's still active, then there is some really helpful information in section 3.1 and 6.4.


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