Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

The School of Computer Science at McGill University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work on research projects supervised by a faculty advisor, under the auspices of the NSERC summer undergraduate research award program. Undergraduate research is often the highlight of a student's learning experience. The student is paid to stretch their imagination, and test their ingenuity and creativity. At the same time, they learn valuable problem formulation and presentation skills which will be useful in any career. The diversity of the areas in which a student can work are indicated by the abstracts below.

The school is fortunate to be able to offer the following supplemental award:

  • The $2500 Undergraduate Research Excellence Prize, awarded to the best project by a student holding a summer undergraduate award.

Students interested in taking part in this program should contact faculty members with whom they might like to work.

At the end of each summer we hold an "Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium" where undergraduate students present their research, and have the opportunity to meet the other students and faculty members involved in the program. The prize mentioned above is awarded at this time, by a committee of three SOCS faculty.

2004 Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

This year there were 14 summer students working with 8 faculty members. The winner of the Courtemanche prize was Alexandre Bouchard-Côté The two runner ups were Zhentao Li and Jean-Sébastien Légaré

Henry Leighton (Associate Dean) together with Zhentao Li (U2, Runner up), Denis Thérien (Chair, SOCS), Jean-Sébastien Légaré (U3, Runner up), Alexandre Bouchard-Côté (U3, Courtemanche Scholarship winner).

More pictures of the presentations and the award ceremony can be found here.


Time     Title      Presenter   

9:50 am     Welcome!    Organizers

10:00 am      Layout in Domain-Specific Visual Modelling    Denis Dubé

10:20 am   Memory Management in McXML    Jean-Sébastien Légaré

10:40 am   Reinforcement learning using Cascade-Correlation Neural Networks   Marc Gendron-Bellemare

11:00 am   Short Break    

11:20 am   RedAgent: a supply-chain management agent   Philipp Keller

11:40 am   RedAgent Continued   François Plamondon

12:00 pm   Recommendz   Alexandre Elias

12:20 pm   Lunch    

1:20 pm   Pseudorandom Generation in a Quantum Computing Setting   Danny Castonguy

1:40 pm   Pseudorandom Generation continued   Jean Raymond Simard

2:00 pm   Ancestral Genome Reconstruction   Leonid Chindelevitch

2:20 pm   Heap building bounds   Zhentao Li

2:40 pm   Coffee Break    

3:00 pm   Discovery and Learning in Predictive State Representations   Adrian Ghizaru

3:20 pm   Feature selection for the game of Tetris   Louis-Francois Handfield

3:40 pm   Behaviour of Stock Markets   Ararat Harutyunyan

4:00 pm   Sparse Distributed Memories in a Bounded Metric State Space   Alexandre Bouchard-Côté

4:20 pm   Reception and Prize Announcements in MC321   Organizers


  • Prof. David Avis
  • Prof. Brigitte Pientka
  • Prof. Denis Therien


  • Prof. Brigitte Pientka
  • Prof. Bruce Reed

Location and Time:

  • Presentations took place in MC103 from 10:00am to 4:30pm on August 31 2004.

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Brigitte Pientka