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2004.11.5    Supplemental notes for computing nash equilibria.

2004.11.3    Assignment 4 is due Tues, Nov 9. Question 3 had a misprint which is now corrected.

2004.10.22   Assignment 3 is posted.

                       Jong-Shi Pang's lecture is on Monday, 4:30pm, Oct 25, BH 1205. Details here.

2004.10.21  Air Canada has a job opening in O.R. , see document.

2004.10.7  First class test will be held on Tues Oct 12. See lecture summaries for material covered.

                     Chvatal lecture:  Friday Oct 8, 7pm.

                     Applied Combinatorial Optimization Colloquium:  Friday Oct 15, 10am.

2004.9.24  Assignment 2 is posted .

2004.9.10  Assignment 1 is posted .

Course software

In the course we make use of the packages maple, lp_solve, cplex and lrs. All are installed on lab
machines in Trottier:,         1<=i<=9 and 1<=j<=30      (Try i=4 or 6 first).

You can connect remotely by ssh:   eg:    ssh
A full list of machine names in labs is here:

If you do not find the software,  try typing: %source /usr/socs/Cshrc
You will need to set the path for some of the software.

cplex     path: /usr/local/bin/cplex 


Instructions for cplex can be found here.

maple        path: /usr/local/bin/maple
A maple session that shows how to solve systems of equations is here.

lp_solve         path: /usr/local/pkgs/lp_solve_4.0/lp_solve
This program can be used to solve linear or integer linear programs.
Usage: lp_solve < input_file
Some examples input and output files are here.
The man page is here.

The full package is available for download from the lp_solve  home page.

A nice help page with DOS executable is available at:

lrs         path: /usr/local/pkgs/lrslib-041/lrs
This program computes all of the extreme points (and extreme rays if any) of the
feasible region of an LP. Home page is:


The SOCS Inside-Out Website is a dynamic student initiative which aims to
reduce frustration and raise the level of computing competency at McGill.
It can be found on the web at

 Some pointers for those looking for projects:

The Optimization Technology Center

Informs Search of Annual Comprehensive Index Bibliographic Database

ORMS today

Prof. Goffin's home page

Journals to check:
Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, Networks,
INFORS, Interfaces, Management Science