Jan.17: sample homework 1
Jan.24: solutions 1

Jan.24: sample homework 2 . Note: for q1, the RDP algorithm is Iterative Endpoints Fitting.
           solutions 2

exam 1 of 2001 (questions and answers)
exam 1 of 2002 (just the answers) You'll have to guess what the exact questions were.
exam 1 of 2004 (just some comments)


The following practice material should not indicate a bias to some topics. It is just what I have available.

March 25:
sample homework 3 from last year Just look at question 2
solutions 3
sample homework 5 from last year There's a typo in question 2. The denominators should be C-1 instead of C-R.
solutions 5

Exam 2 of 2002 Only the third question is really relevant. Though question 1d is interesting, and related to question 2 of sample homework 3.
Answer to 3rd question of exam.

Sample question
... and answer

exam2-2004comments .