CS567: Class Projects (Winter 2010)

Please email Conor at cmeagh1(at)cs.mcgill.ca if you find any errors or have questions.

Below are a list of possible problems to work on. There will be 4 groups of 3 and 2 groups of 4 people. If you have a group and know what you want to work on e-mail me and let me know (first come first serve for choosing which problems to work on).
A resource allocation problem for post-cataclysmic situtations: Alexandre Frechette- CHOSEN (Yi Zhang, Jianxun Dang, Hanqiang Chen)

Canadian medical schools: Angie King

Hotel: Francois Bosselut - CHOSEN (Theresa Deering, Sevan Hanssian, Linda Farczadi)

Shopping Problem: Fugui Tang

Optimal Cloud Purchasing on Amazon EC2: Hanqiang Cheng - CHOSEN (Weizhong li, Yiwei Shi, Zhe Chen, Yijia Xu)

My Express Delivery: Jianxun Dang

Bike Trip: Linda Farczadi - CHOSEN (Angie King, Alexandre Frechette, Yossiri Adulyasak)

Mine Scheduling I: Luis Montiel

Infrastructure Management under Budget Constraints: Ryan Goodfellow

SEVANNETTE TOURS: Sevan Hanssian - CHOSEN (Ryan Goodfellow, Victor Vidal, Luis Montiel)

Choosing the Canadian Olympic Figure Skating Team: Theresa Deering

Mine Scheduling II: Victor Vidal

Setting up wireless base stations: Weizhong Li

Exercise at the Gym: Xiaohu Xie

Choose Your Courses Problem: Yancheng Xiao

Planning of Retail Chain Store: Yijia Xu

Global Delivery Problem: Yiwei Shi

ACEPT Co (Integrated Inventory-Transportation Optimization): Yossiri Adulyasak- CHOSEN (Yancheng Xiao, Xiaohu Xie, Fugui Tang, Francocs Bosselut)

The sports consultant for a busy and poor graduate student: Yi Zhang

Bond investment by ILP techniques: Zhe Chen