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Complete mts v010 download

Here is the original reverse search tutorial  that has a demo prepared by John White in 2008.

In 2016 Skip Jordan and I prepared a wrapper for reverse search programs called mts.
An earlier version of this was used to parallelize lrs and is described in arXiv:1510.02545  and arXiv:1511.06487   The resulting program mplrs has been included in lrslib releases since July 2015.
We wrote tutorial2  describing how to use mts, which assumes a knowledge of the original tutorial and parallelizes programs described there. Source code for mts is given here and examples inputs are given here.

Our goal was to make mts a generic wrapper that can be used with existing reverse search code with only very minor modifications. In  parallelization is only carried out in the wrapper and not in the existing code. There should be no need to modify the mts wrapper for most reverse search applications.

Current and future plans for mts include using shared memory, which would allow more general applications to tree search algorithms such as branch and bound.

We look forward to hearing from any experience you have using mts!