ELC Workshop on Polyhedral Approaches: Extension complexity and pivoting lower bounds

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ELC Workshop on Polyhedral Approaches
(photo: WJ Cook)

June 14-19, Kyoto           (organized by ELC B01,B02)
Please register at https://www.al.ics.saitama-u.ac.jp/elc/reg/2013_wpa/

There have been some exciting new lower bound results related to LP pivoting and extension complexity for integer programs, which are of direct relevance to the ELC project. Progress is swift at the moment and there are many interesting open problems.

The format of the workshop will be a three day meeting June 14-16 "Bellairs style"(see below) at the guest house Community Sagano in Arashiyama. All participants are expected to stay on-site. The meeting will then move to the Clock tower at Yoshida campus of Kyoto university for June 17-19. A detailed schedule will be prepared at the meeting.

By 'Bellairs style' is meant a workshop which is focused on trying to solve, or at least make progress on, a fairly narrowly defined set of problems. There are relatively few talks, and certainly no pressure to give one. The main point is to be present and actively participate in the discussions. Due to the nature of the meeting, the number of participants is limited to about 25 people. Confirmed overseas participants are:

D. Bremner, B. Cook, K. Fukuda, V.Kaibel, K. Pashkovich, S. Polutta and H. Tiwary


Organizers: David Avis (avis@i.kyoto-u.ac.jp) Naoki Katoh (naoki@archi.kyoto-u.ac.jp)