The Freeman Chain Coding Applet

Drag your mouse anywhere in the black canvas to draw a line or curve segment. Draw slowly, or else (depending on you system), the Java VM might miss points where the mouse is dragged. Use the the slider to adjust the grid resolution. Use the check boxes to toggle the visibility of the grids, cells or the curve itself. The square, circular and grid quantization methods have been implemented. Click on the mesh points button to chose the quantization type from the drop down combo box. Press clear to erase everything and start from scratch. Oh and this is a Java2 applet (JApplet), hopefully you have the Java 2 Plugin from Sun installed.

Applet tested to work in Opera, Mozilla, FireFox (Firebird, Phoenix or whatever name it had before) and Internet Explorer. Icons have been taken from rocks!).Suggestions are welcome . Mail me at jsatta_at_cs_dot_mcgill_dot_ca.

Click here for the (zipped) applet source.