Hamiltonian Cycles in the
Vertex-Adjacency Dual







The Applet

Input Specification:

  • Use the left mouse button to create points on the white canvas (at least 4 points).
  • The "Delete Vertex" button switches to a mode where clicking on an existing point in the canvas deletes it.
  • The "Add Vertex" button switches back to the original mode where clicking in the canvas adds a point.
  • The "Move Vertex" button switches to a mode where you can drag existing points to new locations.
  • Use the "Clear" button to delete all the points on the canvas.


Running the Algorithm:

  • Press the "triangulate" button to construct a Delaunay triangulation of the inserted points.
  • Use the "Step Cyle" button to perform one iteration of the algorithm. In the first step, the algorithm creates an initial cycle of two triangles. In each further step the algorithm adds one more triangle to the cycle.
  • Use the "Complete Cycle" button to run all remaining iterations of the algorithm and show the final Hamiltonian cycle.
  • Use the "Clear Cycle" button to start the algorithm over.




This page was prepared by Perouz Taslakian - December 2004