Example Reconfiguration

- Click on "Example" to draw the example polygon to be reconfigured on the canvas.

- Click on "Reconfigure" to start the reconfiguration. Continue pressing the Reconfigure button until the reconfiguration finishes.


- Click on the "Complete" button to view self-driven reconfiguration that is started by pressing the Reconfigure button.

- The "Explain steps" checkbox can be used to toggle explanations of each step on and off.

- Repeat as necessary, clicking on "Clear" every time you wish to clear the canvas contents.

Reconfigure Your Own Polygon

- Click on the canvas to enter the vertices of your convex polygon, then click close to complete it.

- To reconfigure your polygon, first click on a vertex to select the fixed point(shown in white), then click on a second vertex to choose the moving point(yellow) in the quadrangle. The other two points of the quadrangle(orange) are added automatically. Orange and white points can be deselected with a single click, and the yellow moving point can be deselected with a double-click.

- Click the "-" and "+" buttons to decrease or increase the angles at the fixed and moving points; the "--" and "++" buttons can be used for larger increments.

Play with the applet...


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