Group photo of the participants of David Rappaport's Probing Workshop held at Bellairs February 8-14, 1992. From left to right. Back: Patrice Belleville, Steve Skiena, David Mount, Luis Montejano, David Rappaport, Henk Meyer and Sue Whitesides. Front: Robert Freimer, Godfried Toussaint, Tom Shermer (after a haircut and shave), Kathleen Romanik and Javier Bracho. Floor: Lucas.

David Rappaport still bright eyed and bushy tailed working on a geometry problem at 1:00 am.

Binay Bhattacharya jolted out of his deep concentration on a geometry problem by the intrusion of the camera.

Leo Guibas and Jean-Marc Robert discuss geometry problems during a session break.

Ryan Hayward explaining a parallel algorithm for computing the envelope of an arrangement of lines.

Meet J.R., the Bellairs green monkey.

J.R. meets Micha Sharir.

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