User's Guide


This applet/application demonstrates the mid-point smoothing algorithm. It was implemented so that it can run as both an applet as well as a standalone application. The implementation is divided into 4 parts: Menu Bar, Drawing Area, Status & Information Bar, and Simulation Control Bar.

Menu Bar
New Erase all points and thereby clear the canvas.
Print Disabled at the moment.
Exit Close the program window and exit.


x-Direction Scale drawn polygons in the x-direction
only to fit the canvas.
y-Direction Scale drawn polygons in the y-direction
only to fit the canvas.
Both Scale drawn polygons in both the x and y
directions to fit the canvas.


B/W The color of descendants is black
Colors Each descendant has one of the following
colors. If CYCLE THRU is selected, the program
cycles through these colors with every
iteration of the smoothing algorithm.
The available colors are: Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow,
Green, Magenta, Cyan, Blue.


Golden Mean The descendants switch from a simple to a
non-simple polygon. In theory, the
descendant never becomes convex.
Star In theory, all descendants remain stars
of the same shape.
Noisy 'E' An example of a noisy character that can
be effectively smoothed with very few
iterations of the mid-point algorithm.
Attneave This is Attneave's example (cat). The
two point algorithm neatly recovers the
curvature on the body of the cat, thus
allowing easier perception of the input


User's Guide Contents Window and About Window

Drawing Area


Left Mouse Button Used to input the vertices of new polygons.
Right Mouse Button When a new polygon is being input, signals
that the whole polygon was input. Otherwise,
resets the program to restart any iterations on
the original polygon.

Simulation Control Bar


Run The mid-point (or two point) smoothing
algorithm is applied as many times as
specified on the 'iterations' scrollbar.
The speed of the simulation is governed
by the value on the 'speed' scrollbar.
New Erase all points and thereby clear the canvas.
Stop Interrupts the execution of the algorithm.
Step The algorithm is applied only once.

Scroll Bars

Speed This scrollbar governs the speed of the
application of multiple iterations of the
smoothing algorithm when 'Run' is pressed.
Iterations This parameter determines the number of
times that the algorithm will be applied.


Mid-Point Algorithm Given a polygon, the smoothed polygon is
obtained by joining the midpoints of its
edges in the order encountered.
Dual-Point Algorithm Given a polygon, the smoothed polygon is
obtained by joining two points from each
edge to corresponding points from other
edges in the order encountered.

Status & Information Bar

This bar gives various pieces of relevant information. For example, when inputing a polygon, mouse coordinates are displayed for accuracy. And, when a whole polygon is input, its size is displayed. This bar also displays information about the current iteration number, and it also gives various warning messages when certain events occur. These warning messages appear in red.

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