words I live by: Romans 5:3-6

...we rejoice in our sufferings
knowing that suffering produces endurance,
and endurance produces character,
and character produces hope,
and hope does not disappoint us...


Very simply, I am a graduate student doing my Master's of Engineering at McGill University. My Bachelor's of Science degree, also done at McGill (I'm a creature of habit), was a joint major in Physics and Physiology.


I am currently designing a fully automatic means of performing the analysis of data obtained from human skeletal muscle using phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy. If used in a clinical environment, this automated analysis is desirable in terms of maximizing time efficiency and minimizing error.
Included in this analysis method, is a means of modeling the complex recovery behavior of post-exercise adenosine diphosphate. The recovery of calculated cytosolic [ADP] is known to be one of the most sensitive magnetic resonance spectroscopy indices of mitochondrial dysfunction in vivo.


You can find me at The Montreal Neurological Institute. Although I spend most of my time working in a windowless room of the sub-sub-sub-basement of this institution, I have been found at ground-level torturing a poor defenseless piano, and three floors up and south hanging out at Lyman Duff, the home of Biomedical Engineering at McGill.

A few slightly more precise coordinates:

Office phone:
(514) 398-8524
Office fax:
(514) 398-2975


Now is always good.


I knew in a previous life, but I don't recall now.


Work bloody hard at it!

Jacqueline Chen <chen@mrs.mni.mcgill.ca>
last updated: January 26, 1998