Width Using Rotating Calipers

1a. Consider c1c2 as an edge on the convex hull with n vertices.

2a. Estimate which vertex ci is the farthest away from the edge: i=mod(1+(n/2),n)+1.

3a. Compute the distance between ci and c1c2 (D(i)), as well as the distances between neighboring vertices and the edge (D(i-1),D(i+1)).

4a. If D(i) is greater than or equal to D(i-1) and D(i+1), then ci and c1c2 form an antipodal vertex-edge pair...elseif D(i-1)>D(i) let i=i-1 and repeat steps 2a-4a...elseif D(i)<D(i+1) let i=i+1 and repeat steps 2a-4a.