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M8 HH</- HH .410.57d`" HH=0. .2HH  8&d` 'd>1II HH?21 +HHy##  I# UT UT`cDETAILED COURSE CONTENTS UR UT`cPATTERN RECOGNITION .2'`b 5`b2 OUP UT`a>Introduction to Pattern Recognition via Character Recognition e``  Transducers u``Preprocessing ``92Feature extraction (feature-space representation) ``"Classification (decision regions) ``+Template matching (affine transformations) M8`` &Grids (square, triangular, hexagonal) `` Connectivity ``6Contour tracing (square & Moore neighborhood tracing) ``%M.I.T. reading machine for the blind ``)Hysteresis smoothing (digital filtering) ``/Types of input to pattern recognition programs UN UT`aSpatial Smoothing 5``?Regularization +E``*Logical smoothing (salt-and-pepper noise) U``#Local averaging e``COMedian filtering u``REPolygonal approximation UL UT`aSpatial Differentiation `` tSobel operator tio``coRoberts cross operator ` `` Laplacian ``g Unsharp masking 9UJ UT`aonSpatial Moments pr``Moments of distributions n``) Moments of area & perimeter m%``anMoments for feature extraction ` 5``riMoments for pre-processing E``vi4Moments as predictors of discrimination performance or_UH UT`aciMedial Axis Transformations T.u``orDistance between sets d@3tinJJTys HHA43 UNHHkia##``?Jon#``Lo Medial Axis g ``oiSkeletonization (``inHilditchs algorithm O8`` Rosenfelds algorithm H``ioMinkowski metrics X``erDistance transforms h``er*Skeleton clean-up via distance transforms x``$Medial axes via distance transforms UT UT`ainTopological Feature Extraction Mo``)Convex hulls, concavities and enclosures UR UT`antProcessing Line Drawings ``Mo2Square, circular, and grid-intersect quantization ``pr+Probability of obtaining diagonal elements pre``in+Geometric probability (Bertrands paradox) ial``on2Difference encoding & chain correlation functions ``@Minkowski metric quantization 1UP UT`aTy:Detection of Structure in Noisy Pictures and Dot Patterns G``#1Point-to-curve transformations (Hough transform) #W``LoLine and circle detection g``izHypothesis testing approach Hiw`` OMaximum-entropy quantization `` Proximity graphs and perception ``Di$Triangulations and Voronoi diagrams er``p The shape of a set of points ``alAlpha hulls & Beta skeletons UN UT`ain-Neural Networks and Bayesian Decision Theory ``ul.Formal neurons, linear machines & perceptrons ``in%Continuous and discrete measurements e``idMinimum risk classification ``abMinimum error classification m'``Discriminant functions bil7``ra7The multivariate Gaussian probability density function coG``s !Mahalanobis distance classifiers rW``UPParametric decision rules g``#Independence and the discrete case dB5oh KKLoHHC65 izHHpp` OMaKqu UT UT`a8Independence of Measurements, Redundancy, and Synergism Di``nd+Conditional and unconditional independence sh/``inDependence and correlation ha ?``to;The best [k` measurements are not the [k` best on O``Feature evaluation criteria ar_``trFeature selection methods yUR UT`aet,Neural Networks and Non-parametric Learning ri``+Non-parametric training of linear machines ati``Error-correction procedures il``ra!The fundamental learning theorem l``onMulti-layer networks UP UT`aan4Estimation of Parameters and Classifier Performance io``Properties of estimators t``Dimensionality and sample size ``3Estimation of the probability of misclassification )UN UT`a Nearest Neighbor Decision Rules ?``The k-nearest neighbor rule O``en/Efficient search methods for nearest neighbors _``CoDecreasing space requirements o`` Error bounds eUL UT`ala4Using Contextual Information in Pattern Recognition re``Markov methods O``FeThe Viterbi algorithm ``+Combined bottom-up and top-down algorithms `UJ UT`ark+Cluster Analysis and Unsupervised Learning ```icDecision-directed learning ati``Graph-theoretic methods re``#Agglomerative and divisive methods m lHHT7N- UPHHl//!forHHU8L.tiHHl00"H D9. bilH on NearesLish`- O1P - t dE:it ;H nghH;3K ^F;<: a rH;3K ^H H eFootnote eHE;? ^G<;=: rtiHE;? ^HMHMe Single LineMaH'%H=<?:irb>>Footnotein I>=JUT steAn HlADf ^J?=@: esiHlADf ^HuHue Double Lineph-Hz %K@?C:gomABds Double Line LAB@   1MBA@1H11HT%  NC@H:DD Single Line  ODCees     H$ PE. 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