Interview with Godfried Toussaint

CS-199A Excursions in Computer Science

(Interviewed December 4, 1996 by Elizabeth McMillan-Davey from the McGill Center for Teaching and Learning)

1. What are the goals in this course, that is, what are students supposed to learn or develop as a result of having taken this course?

2. What steps did you take to help students achieve these goals? 3. How well prepared do you feel students were for this course? 4. How would you characterize learning in this course? 5. How successful do you think students have been in learning in this course? 6. Did anything in particular contribute to their learning? 7. Do you think students have learned new ways of studying or of thinking in this course? 8. Would you say the learning experience in this course has been different from that in other courses you have taught? If so, in what way? 9. What advice would you give a student entering this course? 10. Is there anything else that you think is important about the students' learning experience this term?

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