Pattern Recognition Class Talks - 2004

"It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech."

Mark Twain

March 22
  1. Jean Herbiere - Mine Detection
March 24
  1. Michel Langlois - E-mail Classification
  2. Marc Lanctot - Automatic Soccer Video Analysis and Summarization
  3. Philippe Kunzle - Recognition of Pedestrians
  4. Danielle Macnevin - Facial Expression Recognition: A Clustering Based Approach
March 29 - Second Midterm Exam

March 31

  1. Andrew Royes - Speaker Verification Using Committee Neural Networks
  2. Jeremie Juban - Gesture Recognition Using Bezier Curves
  3. Shu Yue Yun - Document Image Recognition Based on Template Matching of Component Block Projections
  4. Lili Sang - Establishing Handwriting Individuality Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
April 5
  1. Frank Riggi - Bayesian Reasoning on Qualitative Descriptions from Images and Speech
  2. Yunjun Liu - Jigsaw-puzzle Solving with Curve Matching
  3. Sumedha Ahuja - A Correlation-Based Fingerprint Verification System
  4. course evaluations
April 7
  1. Juan Zhang - Discriminant Isometric Mapping for Face Recognition
  2. Edith Law - Automatic Extraction and Description of Human Gait Models for Recognition Purposes
  3. Seung Hyun Park - Singer  Identification in Popular Music
  4. Hani Ezzadeen - Multispectral Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis Using Principal Component and Linear Discriminant Analysis
April 13  
  1. Junaed Sattar - Device Control using Gestures Sensed from EMG
  2. Justin Colannino - Measuring Music Similarity from Music Scores
  3. Rola Harmouche - Classifications of Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Rafa Absar - Frontal-View Face Detection and Facial Feature Using Color and Morphological Operations

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