Computational Geometry Student Projects - 2003

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

  1. Computing the largest orthogonal rectangle in a convex polygon - Daniel Sud
  2. Geometric measures of melodic similarity - Ian Ratzer
  3. Computing perspective projections - Jean Philippe Tardif
  4. Permutations of polygons - Khaled Zeidan
  5. Linear and circular rulers with few marks - Justin Colannino
  6. Five-coloring planar maps - Matthew Wahab
  7. The origami polygon cutting theorem - Eric Biunno
  8.  Separability of pairs of polygons through single translations - Michel Langlois
  9. Edge-Flipping in Triangulations - Christina Boucher
  10. Removing extrinsic degeneracies in computational geometry - Qinghu Liao
  11. Isomorphic triangulation suitable for polygon morphing - Diana Garroway
  12. Unimodal distance functions in computational geometry - Saurja Sen
  13. Convexifying monotonic linkages - Philipp Keller

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