Computational Geometry Student Projects - 2002

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

  1. Envelopes of arrangements of lines
  2. Unimodal distance functions in computational geometry
  3. Remove Degeneracies I: No two points on a vertical line
  4. Remove Degeneracies II: No three points on a vertical plane
  5. Remove Degeneracies III: No two points with the same coordinates
  6. Chirality of molecules
  7. Lower Bounds I: Decision trees
  8. Lower Bounds II: Reduction from sorting
  9. Range Searching via Locus Method
  10. Convexifying Monotonic Linkages
  11. Convexifying Star-Shaped Linkages
  12. The Bellows Conjecture
  13. Polymer Physics
  14. Weakly externally visible polygons
  15. Filling polyhedral molds
  16. The diameter of point sets with minkowski metrics
  17. The space of line-segment transversals
  18. Five-Coloring planar graphs
  19. Hamiltonian circuits in dense graphs
  20. Eulerian circuits in connected graphs
  21. Travelling salesman problem heuristics
  22. Computing with Origami (paper folding)
  23. Computing with a Rusted Compass
  24. The Mohr-Mascheroni Theorem: constructions with compass alone
  25. Steiner's theorem on the indispensability of the compass in geometric constructions

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