Sample Distance Transform -- In Colour

The differences are subtle between the various metrics. I have modified my program now to output portable pixel-maps, .ppm, files instead of the previous .pgm, or grey-level files. It is much more clear under the new format to discern the differences between the different algorithms, but I am not happy with the color progression.

It is not clear at all how to proceed through the colour wheel to create a smooth gradient. I suppose part of making the different gradients contrast is to not make this transition smooth. So I have used the very unpredictable and hacky modification of using relatively prime multiples for each of the Red, Green and Blue scales at each different distance. I suppose this method, discontinuous as it is, does provide for good contrast between the curves of constant distance in the image.

This is the image under the diamond transformation, using the first-order Minkowski metric.
This is the image under the square transformation, using the infinite-order Minkowski metric.
This is the image under the octagon transformation, using the alternating scheme of both of the above metrics.

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APRIL 21, 1997