*SCUBA Diving*

"There are old divers, and there are bold divers, but there are no old bold divers."



That's me diving in Maui, Hawaii. To find out more about SCUBA diving in Maui click anywhere on the picture. I have been SCUBA diving since 1986 and I have logged over 120 dives in various parts of the world including Barbados, Maui, Tobago, Cozumel, Jamaica, Bali, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Fiji and Phuket. Below you will find links to my favourite diving tours and my favourite diving instructor and dive master, Freddy Contreras in Cozumel, Mexico. If you are thinking of trying this sport I suggest you start with Freddy in Cozumel. He is the best dive teacher I have ever met and Cozumel under water is paradise, with warm water and visibility over 200 feet which gives the sensation of flying. I obtained my PADI Advanced Open Water certification under his tutelage.

To close this section I can't resist showing you another picture of me diving in the beautiful blue waters of Cozumel. For a map of the reefs in Cozumel click anywhere on the picture.


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