The Conference is Over!

Springer has published the conference proceedings as Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 1547.

We invite you to Graph Drawing '99 at Stirin Castle, near Prague!

Maple Leaf

Graph Drawing '98

Fleur de Lys
GD '98: Sixth Symposium on Graph Drawing
August 13-15, 1998
Montréal, Canada
Final Technical Program

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 6th Annual Symposium on Graph Drawing, which will be held in Montréal, Canada, August 13-15th, 1998.  The Symposium is organized in conjunction with the computational geometry group, at the School of Computer Science, McGill University.  It immediately follows the 10th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, also at McGill, August 10-12th.

Help Spread the Word!

You can help publicize the symposium (and CCCG '98) at your institution. Simply download the postscript of our nice colourful poster, (uncompresses to 20 MB) print it, and put it up on your walls!

Conference Themes

Graph drawing addresses the problem of visualizing structural information. More specifically, it is concerned with the construction of geometric representations of abstract graphs and networks. The automatic generation of drawings of graphs has important applications in key computer science technologies such as database design, software engineering, VLSI and network design and visual interfaces and also in engineering, chemistry and biology. The range of issues investigated in graph drawing includes algorithms, graph theory, order theory, visual languages, and perception.

A great deal of research in graph drawing is motivated by applications to systems for viewing and interacting with graphs. The interaction between theoretical advances and implemented solutions is an important part of the area of graph drawing.

Late Registration and Accommodation

Registering is a two-step process:
  1. Download the form, fill it out, and e-mail it back to <>.
  2. Download a payment form, (fax version or mail version) fill it out, and send it back to us either by fax or by regular mail.
As of August 1st, the cost of the conference -- in Canadian funds -- is $300 ($175 for students).

The accommodation deadline has now passed, but some rooms may still be available. Please contact Hotel du Parc, or McGill's student residences. Both are easy walking distance from McGill.

The travel and accommodation page for CCCG '98 has several more hotel suggestions.

Graph Drawing Contest

Following the tradition of the Symposium, there will again be a Graph Drawing Contest this year. The rules and graph data available here.

Contest entries submitted on-site should be delivered by the end of the last coffee break on Thursday. Winners will be announced during the banquet on Friday evening.


Electronic files of the accepted abstracts are required!

Accepted papers and descriptions of accepted demos will be published in the proceedings of GD '98, which will appear in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science of Springer Verlag. Camera-ready copies of papers are due at the workshop.

Preparation of Camera-ready Copy

Camera-ready hard copies of accepted papers, demo write-ups, and poster descriptions are due at GD '98. To prepare your hard copy, please follow the directions for authors in the LNCS series of Springer-Verlag.

The page limit for your write-up, after prepartion using the above instructions, is as follows:

Please note that the GD '98 proceedings will publish only papers, write-ups and descriptions of presentations (papers, demos, posters) made at the conference by one of the authors.

Special Issue

An electronic revolution in publishing is taking place and we believe that the graph drawing community can have a pioneering role in the development of electronic publishing standards. Following a tradition started with GD'97, a special issue devoted to selected papers and demos presented at the 1998 Symposium on Graph Drawing will appear in the Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, a high quality electronic journal available on the Web.

The electronic format of the journal supports the inclusion of appendices such as demonstration applets, code, test data, examples, extended bibliographies, conference presentations, and hyperlinks to related material.

The Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications is published electronically on more than 25 mirror sites worldwide, and in hardcopy through an agreement with Oxford University Press.

For further questions on the Special Issue, please contact the guest editors:

Sue H. Whitesides and Giuseppe Liotta

Technical Program

Technical talks and demos are in the Redpath Museum Lecture Hall, 859 Sherbrooke St. West, on the McGill campus. McGill is on Sherbrooke St. West between McTavish and University Streets in the heart of downtown Montreal.

All papers and demos are of 20 minutes duration.

Registration is at Thompson House, 3650 McTavish St. above Dr. Penfield Street, 7pm-10pm Wednesday, August 12. Registration is also available at the technical sessions.

Lunch (included in registration fee) on Thursday and Friday is at Thompson House. GD '98 closes at 12:30pm on Saturday, August 15. Saturday lunch is not provided.

The banquet takes place at Club St. Denis, 257 Sherbrooke St. East on Friday, August 14, starting at 7pm. The results of the Graph Drawing Contest are to be announced at that time.

Previous Symposia on Graph Drawing (GD)

GD '93 (Paris)
GD '94 (Princeton)
GD '95 (Passau)
GD '96 (Berkeley)
GD '97 (Rome)

Program Committee

Chair: Sue Whitesides (McGill Univ.)
Franz Brandenburg (Univ. Passau)
Peter Eades (Univ. Newcastle)
Emden Gansner (AT&T Labs)
Michael Kaufmann (Univ. Tübingen)
Giuseppe Liotta (Univ. Rome)
Anna Lubiw (Univ. Waterloo)
Shin-ichi Nakano (Tohoku Univ.)
Janos Pach (CUNY & NYU)
Roberto Tamassia (Brown Univ.)
Ioannis Tollis (Univ. Texas at Dallas)
Dorothea Wagner (Univ. Konstanz)

Demo Committee

Brendan Madden (Tom Sawyer Software)
Joe Marks (MERL)
other members of the program committee

Organizing Committee

Therese Biedl (McGill Univ.)
Prosenjit Bose (Carleton Univ.)
François Labelle (McGill Univ.)
Sylvain Lazard (McGill Univ.)
Giuseppe Liotta (Univ. Rome)
Steve Robbins (McGill Univ.)
Sue Whitesides (McGill Univ.) 
Questions, Comments or Suggestions?
Please contact the organizing committee at <>.