Professor David Avis                             

Department of Communications and Computer Engineering
School of Informatics
Kyoto University
Yoshida-honmachi  36-1, Sakyo-ku,  Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
TEL: 075-753-5953

Born: March 20, 1951    Citizenship:  British and Canadian     Languages: English, French, Japanese 

B. Math (1973) Waterloo
M.Sc (Statistics, 1975) and Ph.D.(Operations Research, 1977) Stanford


Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University: Professor (2010-present)
School of Computer Science, McGill:
Assistant Professor  (1977-1981), Associate Professor (1981-1987), Professor (1987-2014)
Professor Emeritus (2015-present)

Visiting Professor:
Tokyo (1983, 1988, 1995), Kyoto (1984, 1988, 2000, 2004, 2006),  Kyushu (1988), T.I.T. (1990), E.P.F.L. (1998).

Visiting Researcher:
C.O.R.E. (1978), IASI-CNR (1998), ERATO(2000,2006)

Courses given at:
Tokyo (1990, 1996,1997), Keio (1994), E.P.F.L. (1998, 1999), Kyoto (2000, 2005)

Research Areas:
Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research,  Mathematical Programming, Quantum Computation

Editorial Boards:
Discrete Applied Mathematics, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Graphs and Combinatorics

Recent Papers

D. Avis and H. Tiwary, "Compact Linear Programs for 2SAT", European J. of Combinatorics (accepted,2017)    arXiv:1702.06723
D. Avis and C. Jordan, "mplrs: A Scalable Parallel Vertex/Facet enumeration Code", Math. Prog. Computation (online, 2017) arXiv:1511.06487
D. Avis and O. Friedmann, "An Exponential Lower Bound for Cunningham's Rule"Math. Prog. B 161(2017)271-305
D. Avis and H. Tiwary, "On the H-free Extension Complexity of the TSP", Optimization Letters 11(2017)445-455   arXiv:1506.08311
D. Avis and C. Meagher, "On the Directed Cut Cone and Polytope", J. Combinatorial Optimization 31(2016)1685-1708 pdf
D. Avis, "George Dantzig: father of the simplex method", Bulletin of the EATCS 116(2015)
D. Avis and H. Tiwary, "A Generalization of  Extension Complexity that Captures P", Information Proc. Letters 115 (2015) 6-8 ,  arXiv:1402.5950
D. Avis, D. Bremner, H. Tiwary and O. Watanabe, "Polynomial size linear programs for non-bipartite matching problems and other problems in P", August 2014  arXiv:1408.0807
D. Avis and H. Tiwary, “On the Extension Complexity of Combinatorial PolytopesMath. Prog. B 153(2015)95-115. (Extended abstract: ICALP 2013).
M. Cuturi and D. Avis, “Ground Metric LearningJournal of Machine Learning Research 15, pp. 533-64 (2014).
D. Avis, K. Iwama, and D. Paku, “Reputation Games for Undirected GraphsDiscrete Applied Mathematics 166, pp. 1-13 (2014).
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D. Avis, P. Hayden, and M. Wilde, “Leggett-Garg Inequalities and the Geometry of the Cut PolytopePhysical Review A 82 (2010). 030102(R).
D. Avis, S. Moriyama, and M. Owari, “From Bell Inequalities to Tsirelson’s TheoremProc. IECIE E92-A, pp. 1254-67 (2009).

Books and Special Editions:
D. Avis, D. Bremner, and A. Deza (editors), Polyhedral Computation, CRM-AMS Proceedings and Lecture Notes (2008). 150 pages.
D. Avis, A. Bondy, M. Kano, and N. Katoh (editors), Computational Geometry and Graph Theory:The Akiyama-Chvatal Festschrift, Springer (2007). Graphs and Combinatorics Supplement,379 pages.
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