CS566A: Class Presentations (Fall 2003)

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Tuesday November 25th

(1) Felix-Olivier Duguay and Philipp Keller

	Title: Stochastic Linear Programming
	Paper: An Introductory Tutorial on Stochastic Linear Programming Models
	Authors: HIGLE, SEN
	Journal: Interfaces, Vol. 29, No. 2 (March-April 1999), pp. 33-61
	Paper Online: available through MUSE
	Lecture Notes: http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~fdugua/slides.pdf

(2) R. Raymond H. Putra

	Title: Linear Programming and The Max Cut Problem
	Paper: Stronger Linear Programming Relaxations for Max -Cut
	Authors: David Avis and Jun Umemoto
	Paper Online: cgm.cs.mcgill.ca/~avis/doc/online.html 
	Lecture Notes:

(3) Maxime Chambreuil

	Title: Integer Programming vs. Expert Systems
	Paper: Integer Programming vs. Expert Systems : An experimental comparison.
	Authors: Vasant Dhar, Nicky Ranganathan
	Paper Online: www.maxime-chambreuil.fr.st/education/mcgill/5.1/566/ArticleProject.pdf
	Lecture Notes: http://maxime.chambreuil.free.fr/education/mcgill/5.1/566/

Thursday November 27th

(1) Qing Hu and Xiaohua Yang

	Title: Airline Fleet Assignment Problem
	Paper: The fleet assignment problem: 
		solving a large-scale integer program
	Authors: Christopher A.Hane,Cynthia Barnhart,Ellis L.Johnson ,etc.
	Journal: Mathematical Programming 70 (1995) 211-232
	Lecture Notes:

(2) Jing Xiaoqing and Zhang Yue

	Title: The introduction of Pickup and Delivery Problem
	Paper: The pickup and delivery problem with time windows
	Authors: Yvan Dumas, Jacques Desrosiers and Francois Soumis
	Journal: European Journal of Operational Research 54 (1991) 7-22
	Lecture Notes:

(3) Christian Lavoie and Marc Provost

        Title: Cutting glass problem
        Paper: The Cutting Stock Problem in the Flat Glass Industry
        Authors: R. G. Dyson; A. S. Gregory
        Journal: Operational Research Quarterly
        Paper Online: via JSTOR: http://www.jstor.org/		
	Lecture Notes:

Tuesday December 2nd

(1) Veronika Gousseva and Arcan Nalca

	Title: Generalized Column Generation for Linear Programming
	Paper: Generalized Column Generation for Linear Programming
	Authors: Osman Oguz
	Lecture Notes:

(2) XiaoGuang Liang and Gang Zhang

	Title: The transportation problem with varying demand and supply
	Paper: The total cost bounds of the transportation problem
		with varying demand and supply
	Authors: Shiang-Tai Liu
	Journal: Omega volume: 31 (2003) p. 247-251
	Lecture Notes:

(3) Frederic Soustra and Graeme Walker

	Title: General Portfolio Selection and Linear Programming
	Paper: A Linear Programming Fromulation of the 
		General Portfolio Selection Problem
	Authors: Bernell K. Stone
	Journal: The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
		  Vol. 8, No.4 (Sep., 1973), 621-636.
	Paper Online: via JSTOR (www.jstor.org)
	Lecture Notes:

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