CS566A: Class Presentations (Fall 2002)

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Thursday November 21rst

(1) Jeff Hu and Sherif Refaat Shaker

	Title: Allocating Operating Room Time
	Paper:Mount Sinai Hospital Uses Integer Programming 
		to Allocate Operating Room Time 
	Authors: John T. Blake, Joan Donald
	Journal: Interfaces, Vol.32 No.2, March-April 2002, pp.63-73
	Paper Online: Paper
	Lecture Notes: Notes 

(2) Sizhu Gao and Dong Jun Li

	Title:A Water Supply Planning Simulation Model Using a Mixed 
		Integer Linear Programming "Engine"
	Paper:A Water Supply Planning Simulation Model Using a Mixed 
		Integer Linear Programming "Engine"
	Authors:Dean Randall, Leasa Cleland, Catharine S.Kuehne,George 
			W."Buzz" Link, Daniel P. Sheer
	Journal: It is a publication of the company named "HYDROLOGICS Inc."
	Paper Online: Paper
	Lecture Notes: Notes 

(3) Louigi Addario-Berry and Andrew Ringler

	Title: Linear Programming and Bioinformatics

Tuesday November 26th

(1) Nora Bohossian and Timothy Choa

 	Title: How NBC applied linear programming to maximize 
		its advertising revenues and productivity. 
	Paper: NBC's Optimization Systems Increase Revenues and Productivity
	Authors: Bollapragada, Cheng, Phillips, Garbiras, Scholes, Gibbs, Humphreville
	Journal: Interfaces Vol.32, No. 1, January - February 2002, pp 47-60
	Paper Online: Paper 
	Lecture Notes: Notes  

(2) Sebastian Hoberg and Tomislav Vrljicak

	Title: Feature Selection via Mathematical Programming.
	Paper:  Feature Selection via Mathematical Programming
	Authors: P.S.Bradley, O.L.Mangasarian and W.N.Street
	Journal: INFORMS Journal on Computing, Vol.10, No.2, Spring 1998.
	Paper: Machine Learning via Polyhedral Concave Minimization
	Authors: O.L.Mangasarian
	Journal: Applied Mathematics and Parallel Computing-Fetschrift
		for Klaus Ritter, H. Fischer, B.Riedmueller and S.Schaeffler (eds.),
		Physica-Verlag, A Springer-Verlag Company, Heidelberg, 1996.
	Online: Tomi's page
	Lecture Notes

(1) Navid Damji and Frank Eory

 	Title: Inverse Optimization
	Paper: Inverse Optimization
	Authors: Ravindra K Ahuja, James B Orlin
	Journal: Operations Research, Vol 49, no. 5, 
		  September-October 2001, pp. 771-783
	Paper Online: Paper 
	Lecture Notes

Thursday November 28th

(1) Jean-Philippe Guguy and Bertrand Pasquero

 	Title: Real Life Application of Linear Programming 
		to Model Quebec's Wood-Fiber Market.
	Paper: The Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources 
		Uses Linear Programming to Understand the Wood-Fiber Market
	Authors: Gauthier, Lamond, Pare, Rouleau 
	Journal: Interfaces Vol.30, No. 6, November-December 2000, pp 32-48
	online: Wood.pdf
	Lecture Notes: recieved hardcopy

(2) Thomas Lemaire and Sebastien Rozanes

 	Title: Bus Driver Duty Scheduling
	Paper: Bus Driver Duty Optimization by Combining Constraint
		Programming and Linear Programming
	Authors: Amal de Silva
	Journal: Found on www.e-optimization.com
  	Online: BusDriver.pdf
	Lecture Notes

(3) R. W.

	Title: 0ptimization of Reusable Containers at Canada Post 
	Paper:  Value Analysis and Optimization of Reusable Containers at Canada Post
	Journal: INTERFACES 31:May-June 2001, pp.3-15
	Paper Online: Paper
	Lecture Notes: Notes 

Friday November 29th **in Arts W-125 (1pm-2:30pm)**

(1) Ronia Bitar and Kindness Keong

 	Title: Primal Perturbation Simplex Algorithms for Linear Programming 
	Paper: Primal Perturbation Simplex Algorithms for Linear Programming
	Authors: Ping-qi Pan
	Journal: Journal of Computational Mathematics, 
			Vol.18,N0.6, 2000, 587-596.
	Paper Online: Paper
	Lecture Notes: Notes 

(2) Chris Elliott and Chris Wu

 	Title: Multiobjective Programming
	Paper: Multiobjective Mathematical Programming via the
		MULTIPLEX Model and Algorithm
	Authors: Ignizio, J.P.
	Journal: European Journal of the Operational Research, 22, 
			pp 338-346. (1985)
	Lecture Notes: Notes 

(3) Vincent Elhorga and Nick Iuoras

 	Title: Natural Gas Planning
	Paper: Natural Gas Planning: An Application of Stochastic
		Linear Programming
	Source: Mathematics and Computer Science Division (MCS) of the 
		Argonne National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of 
		Energy Laboratory
	Online: Gas
	Lecture Notes

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