Class Presentations  CS566A  Autumn 2001

. Attendance is compulsory for presentations.
. Single presentation: 20 minutes
. Lecture notes due at time of presentation: hard copy or ps/pdf file by email.

Tues, Nov 27
Class cancelled, replaced by Dec 6

Thurs, Nov 29

Melanie Beck
The hospitals / residents problem

Vertex enumeration

Tues, Dec 4   (12:50 - 2:30)

Damien Thomas
Assigning Season ticket fairly

Guillaume Erbs
Optimizing Restoration Capacity in the AT&T Network

Michel Langlois
Portfolio Optimization using Quadratic Programming

Irina Guilman
Optimizing customer mail streams at Fingerhut or
  Supply chain analysis at Volkswagen of America

Thurs, Dec 6  (12:50 - 2:30)

André Guérette
Optimized Crew Scheduling at Air New Zealand

Elias Karam
Rightsizing and Management of Prototype Vehicule Testing at Ford Motor

Lila Rakesh
Preventive Tariff and the Dual in Linear Programming

Angela Lu
The Traffic Control System on the Hanshin Expressway