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Office hours before final:

Tu Dec 19 and We Dec 20, 10-12 noon      McConnell 308

Assignment 4 will be returned at that time.

Notes on the assignments, course grades and practice problems all available at Melanie's page.

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Assignment 4 is posted, due Tues Dec 5,  5 pm, boxes on McConnell first floor

      path: /usr/bin/lp_solve in Gentoo Linux

lp_solve      path: /usr/local/bin/lp_solve in FreeBSD

This program can be used to solve linear or integer linear programs.
Usage: lp_solve  -S4 < input_file

An example session is here.  lp_solve is  installed on  machines in the Trottier labs:

    ,         1<=i<=9 and 1<=j<=30      (lab2-2 , lab2-4, lab2-5, lab2-6 all worked 2005.10.31).

Some examples input and output files are here.

Input file specifications are here.     The man page is here.

The full package is available for download from the lp_solve  home page.

A nice help page with windows executable of an older version is available at:

Assignment 2 is due Tues October 10, 5pm , boxes in McConnell first floor

Midterm is on October 19 in class.

Assignment 2 handed back Tues Oct 17 in class.
Review session on that day. Please send suggestions to Melanie:

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For questions about lectures:

Instructor:  David Avis
McConnell 308
Office Hours: Tu, Th  10:00 - 11:00

Teaching Assistants:    For questions about assignments and exercises:

Melanie Coggan
Office Hours: W 1-2:30pm
T.A. room, Trottier 3rd floor
From Oct 18: McConnell 111