Assignments             COMP360A                     Fall 2005

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Assignment 1(Hint added to problem 2).

Assignment 2
Notes from Melanie:

For the two problems where you have to design a network flow, I
would like you to give a few sentences describing why this network will
help solve the problem described. If you just give me the network I don't
know if they understood or just copied or guessed.

You should go through the steps of the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm
and write them down, not just give the end results. Again, I want to see
that you understand what's going on.

Last time some people had very very similar answers. You should not be doing your write-ups together.

For questions 2 and 4 you should do the entire problem from the handout, not just what is mentioned in
Assignment 3
Option -p for lp_solve should print the dual variables, but this does not always seem to work.
You may try the option -S4 instead if this happens.

Assignment 4

Assignment solutions.