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Final exam: April 30   9AM in Otto Mass

Office hours before exam: 10-11:30am Thurs 24, Mon 28,  Tues 29.  McConnell 308

To pick up correct Assignment 4, please contact Thomas Feng <> McConnell 334

Solutions to all assignments and midterm posted, also check your course grade
(from home page)

For the third assignment, you will need the following package that solves linear programs:

lp_solve          (path: /usr/local/pkgs/lp_solve_3.2/)

This program can be used to solve linear or integer linear programs.
Usage: lp_solve < input_file

An example session is here.  It is installed on all machines in McConnell 103.
Some examples input and output files are here.
The man page is here.

The full package is available for download from the lp_solve  home page.

A nice help page with windows executable is available at:

Midterm: Tuesday, March 4, 10:05-11:20 in ARTSW125, W-130    Exam covers all material in lecture summaries.

Solution to Assignment  2  now  posted. 

  Required Text: Introduction to Algorithms, Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein (2nd edition)
                               (First edition has most but not all of the material)

Full text available on-line at:

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Midterm: March 4, 10:05-11:25, in ARTS W-125 and W-130

Assignment 1 is posted and is due January 24.

Tutorials start January 21:  Peterson Hall, 3460 McTavish

Tues  6:05-6:55: Max        PETH 304
Wed  6:05-6:55: Thomas  PETH 306
Thurs:      no tutorial

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Instructor:  David Avis
McConnell 308
Office Hours: Tu, Th  2:00-3:30

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Maxime Desco <>

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