Technical English       技術英語       Spring 2018

Prof. David Avis                   (Part 1 only)

Mon 1:00-2:30        Research Building 7, room 2        総合研究7号館情報2


Part 1. English technical writing (April 9,16,24, May 7,14)

Writing a scientific paper or a patent proposal in english requires a different skill set than writing other types of documents in english (letter, announcement, speech etc..). We will survey in this section of this course the following relevant topics:
- Basic rules of scientific paper writing and avoidable mistakes;
- Differences between scientific english and scientific japanese;
- Typography, proofreading, figures: tools to maximize quality and impact;
- Research interactions in an international publishing environment:
reviewing, rebuttals & letters to editors. 

Part 2. Technical presentation (Prof. Kazuyoshi Takagi)
Part 3. Reading technical papers in English (Prof. Qiang Ma)

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*Marco Cuturi's web pages(2016)

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April 2, 2018