A list of some pattern recognition journals .

Why not find something unusual? Like the pistachio problem .

Presentations for this semester
April 4:
  • Cory McKay: Music genre classification
  • Xiaopeng Qu: Pingerprint classification
  • Pawel Kowalczyk Fuzzy distances and image processing
    April 6:
  • Donovan Parks: Learning to detect objects in images via a sparse part-based representation
  • Jean-Philippe Gravel: Active appearance models
  • Derek Johns: Graph-based face identification
    April 11:
  • Alexandre Fortin: Introduction to the Hough transform and its applications
  • Derek Rivait: Enhanced perceptual distance functions and indexing for image replica recognition
  • Ran Chen: Representation and detection of deformable shapes
  • Perouz Taslakian: Jigsaw puzzles and patterns
    April 13:
  • Michael Imbrogno: A probabilistic framework for matching temporal trajectories: CONDENSATION-Based recognition of gestures and expressions
  • Felix-Olivier Duguay: Stock market prediction by a mixture of genetic-neural experts
  • Daniel Burfoot: A new convexity measure for polygons
  • Svetlana Stolpner: High-dimensional nearest-neighbour search