How to draw a polygon:

To draw a polygon, click the mouse in the applet area where you want the vertices of your polygon to be. The edges will be displayed automatically as you draw the vertices. To close the polygon, click near the first point. You could draw in either clockwise or counterclockwise order, but our algorithm adjusts the polygon to be clockwise (if it’s not). Intersection is not allowed.

How to use the buttons and the checkbox:


"Clear All " – to clear everything in the applet.
"Restart" -- to reset the algorithm.
"Go" -- to start the decomposition process when you finish drawing, or to resume the algorithm when it is paused.
"Step" -- to go through the algorithm step-by-step.

"Pause" -- to pause the execution during the run.


"Detail" -- check/uncheck this box for a detailed/simple execution.



We used the code available at and made modifications so that it provides better user interaction.