Information Gained By Probing ::


The diagram below shows the information obtained from a set of 4 probes. As explained in our first observation, the convex hull of the contact points defines the inside region (black). The second observation allows us to discard many points that cannot belong to the shape due to conflicts with the probe paths (white). The remaining points (gray) are in the maybe set: not enough information is available to classify them. The subsequent probes will be aimed to reduced the size of the gray regions.

Note that the shape of the gray regions varies. The top region forms a triangle. This property will be used later on to optimally aim probes. The regions on the right and at the bottom widen away from the shape and the bottom shape is actually infinite. The region on the left also forms a triangle but notice that, unlike the top region, one of the sides is bounded by a probe path.

The next figure illustrates one possible shape. As you can see, the shape fits exclusively in the maybe and inside regions. The inside set is entirely part of the shape. Any shape with these properties is a plausible candidate.


Colinear Contact Points Define Edges or Edge Segments

Shape Verification