The Golomb Ruler applet is loading.....


   This applet is made to be played with.  The idea is for users to play around in order to find Golomb rulers.

   1. Select a number of marks to work with.

   2. By clicking in the ruler window you can add marks to your ruler, the first mark at zero is already added, the length of the ruler is the largest mark that you put on, NOT the predetermined length I have given to the ruler for each number of marks.

   3. The histogram window calculates all the distances that can be measured by the ruler, if one distance is measured more than once, the ruler is not Golomb.

   4. You can erase your last mark by pressing the 'Remove Last Mark' button.

   5.  If you would like to see a Golomb ruler with those number of marks (actually the optimal one),  you can click the show solution button.

   6.  There is more than one Golomb ruler for most of the different number of marks, explore!

   7.  Play around, don't be afraid to just click randomly, the applet is robust, you won't hurt it.

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