Nice Viewpoint of a Polyhedron

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  1. You can load in one of the available models by clicking on the particular model under model.
  2. You can delete an edge of a particular model by clicking on the end vertices (they will turn blue) and then clicking on the delete button
  3. You can delete a vertex if it has no edges attached to it (it will be red) by clicking on it (it will turn blue) and then clicking on the delete button.
  4. clicking on the clear button will clear the current model from the display
  5. If you click on a vertex (it will turn blue of course) the current coordinates of the point will be shown in the three text boxes on the side of the display. You may now modify these coordinates and then click on the modify button to have the modifications introduced into the model. Note: coordinates x and y are measured from the top left hand corner.
  6. If you click in the display and then click the add button then a vertex will be added to the model.
  7. Clicking on two vertices (and turning them blue) and then clicking on the connect button will add an edge between these vertices.
  8. Last but not least... if you have a model loaded into the display then clicking on the find NVP button will find a nice viewpoint for that model. The nice viewpoint projection direction will be indicated to you with a red line.
Note: the wireframe and filed polygon button does not work!!! Also this applet probably contains many bugs. If you find any then email me and tell me about it. Lastly since this applet is using a very inefficient algorithm PLEASE don't try any of the large models or your browser will just crash and burn.

The source is here and here