Mean and "Convex Hull Peeling Median" of bivariate data:

This is draft 1 of my applet (if you are using Netscape, I suggest using Navigator instead of Communicator).

Here's what you can do:

Click in the white area to add points (max=100). You can also drag a point around by holding down the mouse button. For now, you can only do this while entering a point (you can't select one and drag it yet).

The red dot is the bivariate mean of the points (if you have entered more than one).

The green dot is the Convex Hull Peeling median (if you have entered more than three points).

If red and green coincide, red wins.

All other colors represent points that were peeled in parallel. The colors used are shown below, right to left. The first convex hull has blue vertices, the next has orange, then come cyan, grey, magenta, yellow, pink.

If the innermost convex hull as only two or three vertices, they are colored black. See below: